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Piss Police

Rock hard hunk Sal Bruno and his partner Vic O'Toole are two cops you don't resist. When Donnie Russo gets tough the two cops don't appreciate his attitude so, they throw him in their special interrogation room to teach him manners. Like how to guzzle a police officer's piss without spilling too much on yourself. Russo is reduced to pissing his pants as the cops humiliate the helpless captive with their piss-spewing cocks and leave him lying on a piss-soaked bunk to contemplate his sins. And when new recruit, J. J. West is put through initiation, he finds out that it takes a lotta balls to be a cop. He's forced to suck both their fat dicks and eat butt. His balls are tied up, he's spread-eagled, flogged, paddled, pissed on, cuffed, fucked with a nightstick, and force-fed a mugful of Bruno's brew. Sal Bruno, Donnie Russo,Vic O'Toole and J. J. West.