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Sgt. O'Brien's Secret

Mick O'Brien is as straight as they come,
but that doesn't mean that he hasn't got a secret. He doesn't tell people that he moonlights as a stripper, but it's common knowledge anyway.What no one knows, not even any of his girlfriends, is what Sgt.O'Brien does for fun when he's all alone. After repeated enemas, he retrieves his stash of heavy-dutyasstoys and invades his butthole with a stainless steel speculum.When the metal has stretched his pucker wide open, he screws down the clamp and shoves a dildo through the
opening deep into his shithole.Then comes more dildos, inflatable butt plugs and the rest of his collection of ass toys. He teases and tortures himself into an incredible frenzy until he shoots his loads all over.