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In the tradition of Jack Cummings' Sperminator series..Damien, at 21, is already a master of auto-eroticism! His adept use of electrodes to stimulate his cock, balls, urethra and butthole is hot enough by itself, but for Damien,only a prelude to what lies ahead. Using a syringe, he injects lube directly into his urethra and begins to slowly insert a two foot rubber catheter deep into his dick. then he takes out his sounds kit and writhes and moans with pleasure as he effortlessly glides the glistening steel rods down his dickhole.Then it's time for some fun with his impatient asshole. First he manuevers a huge, double-headed dildo up his smooth tight boybutt and follows up with a thick, black dildo. But the real kicker happens when he turns his own fist on himself and fist fucks his hungry hole. Damien saves the best for last. He gets on his back, raises his legs over and above his head and geniusly begins to suck and lick on his own dick. Working it up slowly but surely, he alternates between sucking it, stroking it, licking it and sucking some more until he shoots a creamy hot wad of his own jizz right into his hungry mouth. Damien re-defines the art of auto-erotica